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About Dragon Fruit Industry in Australia

In Australia, the dragon fruit industry is a small specialised industry.  The Northern Territory is the largest producer. Dragon fruit is also grown in Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

Dragon fruit is long day flower plant, so it is available during summer. The main harvest period for dragon fruit in the Northern Territory is September to March/April, and in Queensland is January to May/June.  Imports of dragon fruit are allowed from Vietnam (2017) and Indonesia (2018).

According to the industry stocktaking survey in 2012 conducted by AgriFutures, there were around 50,000 planting sites/pole in Australia with 62% of them are in Northern Territory. The farm gate value of the dragon fruit industry is about $2.25 million from a production of 750 tones. The majority of the plantings in the Northern Territory are white-fleshed dragon fruit (Hylocerus undatus) while Queensland produces a high proportion of red-fleshed dragon fruit (Hylocerus polyrhizus). The yellow-fleshed (Selenicereus megalanthus) is usually grown in small quantities.

The industry landscape changed significantly since then. There is a strong growth in South East Queensland while the scale in Northern Territory shrinks a little bit. In recent years, the average price of dragon fruit in wholesale market is around $8 per kg and a coarse estimation of the the current fresh fruit production value is around $7-8 million.

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